H2O BoatCare expands into United States

Netherlands-based H2O BoatCare has expanded into the United States market with an environmentally-friendly device that fights off algae and barnacles from yachts, resulting in fuel cost savings and reduced maintenance.

H2O BoatCare’s equipment employs ultrasonic sound vibrations, which are 25,000 times stronger than previous technology, to keep yacht hulls free of algae, barnacles, mussels and oysters. H2O BoatCare is easy to use, eliminating the need for scrubbing, while also reducing the need for boat lifting and the use of anti-fouling paint.

The powerful vibrations created by the devise destroy the organisms before they adhere to the boat hull, leaving an immaculately clean, smooth-sailing vessel. Long-term use of H2O BoatCare results in significant fuel and maintenance savings.

Flexible installation options include a portable system for yachts that are away for long periods of time or a fixed system for yachts moored in a marina slip.

Algae and barnacles slow down yachts while increasing fuel consumption by 9 percent on average during the first year alone. Using H2O BoatCare can cut the vessel’s fuel consumption by up to 20 percent in the first year, a company news release stated.

For the nearest certified H2O Boatcare dealer, visit www.h2oBoatCare.us , call (954) 945-6762 or email info@h2oboatcare.us

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