NMMA trade war concerns shared internationally

The International Council of Marine Industry Associations and the European Boating Industry have joined NMMA in calling for a constructive solution to the current trade escalation between the United States and the European Union.

In a joint statement shared with the Administration as well as numerous marine and political leaders and groups across the globe, the three organizations note, “At the risk of repeating the vast majority of economic experts: there is no winner in a trade war. We are concerned that the recreational boating industry is being caught in the middle of a political battle, with extremely serious consequences for the sector on both sides of the Atlantic.”

The statement continued with the following: “President Trump’s recent announcement to impose a worldwide import tariff on aluminum (10 percent) and steel (25 percent) has faced criticism abroad, including a proposal by the European Union to put a range of U.S. products, including recreational vessels, on a retaliatory tariff list.” 

Please contact NMMA’s Vice President of Federal and Legal Affairs Nicole Vasilaros, at nvasilaros@nmma.org, with questions.

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  1. These simplistic “statements” issued by “associations” that suggest trade disputes/discussions in one part of the workplace will effect one in another that is reasonably unrelated is speculative and counter productive.

    China has already done a good job of eliminating the USA large boat business and moving it to China/Hong Kong and Singapore. The boating industry should wake up and figure out how they will survive.

    When a foreign government supports low cost production for 10 years, it runs most “free trade” USA companies out of business.

    The USA has been setting on the sideline for decades while China and others target industry after industry and take it over. Its not a big deal until its your job on the line. By then its too late to do anything about it. Ask Christensen Yachts, Navigator Yachts, Mediterranean Yachts, or Grand Banks what they think of unfair competition. They won’t be easy to find since they are all out of business or are now in the Pacific Rim.

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