Seven Marine launches outboard portfolio at Miami International Boat Show

Seven Marine unveiled its SevenOutboard Portfolio in a press conference at the 2018 Miami International Boat Show, including two brand new models, running at 527 and 577 HP, and a redesigned and enhanced 627 HP model.

Amidst a growing market interest in high-power outboards for larger boats, this portfolio provides more accessibility to the Seven experience through a broader range of horsepower options – all without compromising performance features synonymous of the brand.

“Since the foundation of Seven Marine, our passion has been to improve the outboard experience. Today, our new Outboard Portfolio furthers that vision,” said Rick Davis, Seven Marine President and CEO. “With the market introduction of the 557 seven years ago, we revolutionized the outboard industry with luxury style and big power to carry larger boats. Now, with our Outboard Portfolio, we’re optimizing our product range to adapt to the ever changing style, performance and reliability requirements of the expanding outboard market.”

The new outboards are built on Seven’s 6.2L supercharged V8 platform with closed cooling, wet-disc clutch transmission and fuel injection.

All three models are offered with Seven’s new twin-prop CR (contra-rotating) gearcase option. Building upon the reliable engine characteristics Seven customers have come to value, enhancements and just-introduced features include:

  • Engine noise reduction
  • Industry-first leg offerings; 35 to 39 inches
  • Improved efficiency cool-flow supercharging system
  • Improved patent-pending engine fuel system with original Quick-Start technology
  • New cowl designs and improved airflow
  • Strengthened twin-pinion gearcase
  • Increased gear ratio range
  • Enhanced raw-water pump
  • Upgraded transfer case design

“We’re making investments to bring to market products that allow more people to participate in the Seven experience,” Davis said. “Our new Outboard Portfolio marks a new era for Seven Marine.”

Broader range of horsepower options

The new 527 is an attainable high-horsepower outboard featuring an all-new 1.91:1 gear ratio option, which transmits big torque into high thrust to propel big boats.

“The 527 may be our most refined outboard to date, purposely engineered to make the Seven experience an attainable dream,” Davis said. “The 577s’ new cowl design is styled to stir emotion and provide personalized expression, while maximizing airflow and minimizing noise.”

Delivering power, torque, fuel efficiency and industry-leading thrust, the enhanced 627sv represents the most technologically advanced outboard in the history of outboard evolution, according to Davis.

“The powerful upgraded 627 HP engine propels the largest offshore outboard boats through the roughest conditions,” he said. “It’s designed for customers for whom compromise is not optional. The 627sv is an optimized luxury performance package designed to move those who move the world.”

The existing 557 Seven engine is being phased out and will be replaced by the all-new 527 and 577s models, providing the ability to offer the tailored Seven outboard experience to a greater range of customers. 

Twin Contra-Rotating Prop

Seven’s new CR (contra-rotating) gearcase is offered across all three engine models.

The CR gearcase supports the largest blade area in the industry, ranging from 18 to 19.5 inches, with four- or five-blade props. The result is optimized low-speed maneuverability, better fuel efficiency at cruising speeds, less stress on the outboard and better trim response.

The gearcase, coupled with Seven’s hydraulic wet disc clutch transmission for smooth shifting is optimized for seamless joystick performance.

It is designed for the largest outboard boats weighing from 20,000 to 65,000 lbs. with ratio options ranging from 1.96:1 to 2.55:1

The CR is offered as one of three options, along with the standard single-prop twin-pinion and the GT high-speed gearcases.

“The standard single-prop unit is for speeds from 60 to 85 mph, and the twin-prop unit is for heavier boats running less than 60 mph,” Davis said.

Extended Warranty

Seven also introduced an extended warranty plan at the Miami show.

“With the advancements to our outboard portfolio, we are also offering confidence and peace of mind to customers with a new optional two-year limited warranty extension on top of our standard three year warranty,” Davis said.

CE Certification

European customers can soon benefit from the Seven experience. Certification for the European Union CE standard is being finalized and will be available in time for the European spring shipments.

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