Nautique unveils new boat builder for 2018

Nautique recently announced the launch of its interactive boat builder, Design Your Nautique.

With the ability to completely customize a new boat online, Design Your Nautique puts all the control into the customer’s hands with a multitude of color and design options for them to choose from.

Building a 2018 Nautique using the new program offers the customer the ability to create, compare and save multiple versions to make the buying decision that much easier.

New for Design Your Nautique, are more true-to-life renderings and realistic views of the wide variety of colors and boat details. There are also two new views per model, giving customers more choices than ever to see their next Nautique come to life.

Nautique has also released new backgrounds to see their boats floating on several scenic backgrounds. A new print feature also allows customers to print out images of their potential boats for an easy way to compare multiple combinations.

“The excitement of designing your dream Nautique is only exceeded by the thrill of seeing and using it on the water,” said Nautique President, Greg Meloon. “We’re delighted to release the all new 2018 Design Your Nautique tool providing the most realistic imagery online of your custom boat.”

The new Design Your Nautique builder can be found on the Nautique website.

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