Italian Sea Group selects Denison Yachting as exclusive dealer

The Italian Sea Group has named Denison Yachting as its exclusive dealer in North, Central and South America for Admiral Yachts’ Momentum line of superyachts.

Momentum is a series of contemporary 40-meter, 45-meter, 47-meter, 60-meter and 85-meter long-distance displacement yachts available with aluminum or steel hulls developed by architect Gian Marco Campanino.

The yachts are characterized by wide spaces, high-tech glass covers shielded by adjustable sunblinds, bridge-like terraces, integrated pools, a beach club and spa completely open to the sea, vertical windows in the cabins and full-height glass walls. 

“Admiral is the premier Italian yacht builder, and there’s a good opening in the market for a high-quality explorer-type series,” said Denison Broker Glynn Smith. “The shipyard is immaculate, and they are extremely driven to raise the bar of yacht building.”

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