MRAA Educational Foundation torch passed after president retirement

The MRAA Educational Foundation honored the retiring president of its Board of Directors, Ed Lofgren of 3A Marine Services, and introduced his replacement, Jeff Siems of Blue Springs Marine, on Sunday evening, Dec. 10, during the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas Opening Night Awards Celebration at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Fla.

Lofgren’s retirement from the position of MRAA Educational Foundation president follows a long record of service to the industry through the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas. A former chairman of the MRAA Board of Directors, Lofgren’s recent service included a focus on solving today’s technician shortage, which he continues through his work for the Massachusetts Marine Trades Association (MMTA) and its Educational Trust. His passion, dedication, and mentorship to those around him will have long lasting effects on MRAA and the MRAA Educational Foundation.

During the event, Lofgren addressed the crowd via video, and the MMTA’s Randall Lyons accepted a small token of MRAA’s and the MRAA Educational Foundation’s appreciation on his behalf. The compass encased by a wooden box is inscribed “In Recognition of Your Long and Devoted Service to and Outstanding Leadership of the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas and the MRAA Educational Foundation.”

Jeff Siems, President of Blue Springs Marine and a member of the Board of Directors for both the MRAA and the MRAA Education Foundation, recently stepped forward to fill the position of MRAA Education Foundation President. Under his leadership, the foundation is already embarking on new and exciting initiatives and endeavors to expand its services to the recreational boating industry.

“I look forward to continuing the momentum we’ve generated in recent years, and growing our service to the boating business,” Siems comments.

“I’m thankful for the MRAA Educational Foundation’s ability to attract such strong leadership,” says Liz Walz, Executive Director of the Foundation. “Thanks to Ed Lofgren and the many industry giants who have led the foundation since its creation, we have been able to make an incredible difference in the lives and businesses of hundreds of marine professionals. Under Jeff’s guidance, we have the opportunity to explore new ways to carry this legacy forward.”

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