NMMA submits official comments on EPA’s renewable volume obligations

NMMA has submitted official comments on the EPA’s 2018 renewable volume obligations, in response to the EPA’s proposal for 2018, which were announced in late July.

NMMA and the North American recreational boating industry strongly oppose EPA’s 2018 RVOs proposal. Finalizing this rule, as proposed, would deny consumers choice at the pump, while endangering their safety on the water. NMMA is calling on the EPA to use its waiver use authority to adjust the 2018 RVOs to better serve all stakeholders, reflect consumer demand, and mitigate against misfueling.

In the comments, NMMA outlines numerous issues with the RVOs and proposes solutions. NMMA’s comments come on the heels of verbal testimony by NMMA VP Nicole Vasilaros at an EPA hearing. To ensure our industry’s voice is heard on this matter, NMMA encourages stakeholders to add their own comments. The comment period closes this Thursday, Aug. 31.

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