Tohatsu America announces three new outboard models

Tohatsu America Corporation has announced the debut of its new MFS20E, MFS15E and MFS9.9E outboard models, which will hit the market in early September.

New innovations allowed Tohatsu to build the lighter outboards, which feature improved performance with low noise, low vibration and ease of use. And with overall weight decreasing, the three new outboards feature improved torque and top-end speed.

“The weight is the most important factor for small horsepower outboards, as it directly affects the performance of the boat due to a higher power-to-weight ratio,” said Tohatsu Corporation President Mr. Hyuga. “Our newly developed models are not only the lightest in each of their respective horsepower categories, but we also succeeded in dramatically reducing sound level and vibration compared to the previous version. Moreover, it’s simply superior in performance. We believe that we have achieved in developing the best product in its horsepower class.”

MFS20/15/9.9E inherited the “Light Weight ECO Sport” development and design concept from Tohatsu’s signature MFS50/40A models. Tohatsu chose to incorporate that signature look in this redesign. And, by moving heavy components such as the crankshaft and driveshaft 30mm forward compared to the previous model, the tilting weight has decreased by 26 percent from the previous version.

“We have faced a lot of difficulties seeing as we were aiming for the highest standards,” said Mr. Kudo, director & general manager of the engineering department of Tohatsu Corporation. “In the end, all of this allowed us to develop a model that is lightweight and compact yet runs with exceptional power.”

All of the new MFS20/15/9.9E 4-stroke battery-less EFI models, as well as Tohatsu’s entire lineup of 2.5hp to 250hp engines, are backed by the Tohatsu five-year limited warranty.

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