NMMA testifies at EPA hearing, shares members’ concerns about E15

The National Marine Manufacturers Association testified at the 2018 EPA Renewable Volume Obligation hearing.

Nicole Vasilaros, NMMA vice president of federal and legal affairs, addressed the concerns the recreational boating industry has with E15 during the Aug. 1 hearing.

“The initial 2010 waiver and this RVO proposal, do nothing to guarantee the continued availability of E10, while billions of gallons of E15 enter the marketplace,” Vasilaros stated in her testimony. Ninety-five percent of boaters fuel their boats at traditional gas stations.

“While [the recreational boating industry] doesn’t support higher levels of ethanol in the fuel marketplace, we ask this administration, at the very least, to mandate that when E15 is sold, E10 must also be available at retail gas stations to ensure access to appropriate fuel blends for boats and other off-road equipment,” Vasilaros stated.

NMMA is submitting formal comments, which are due Aug. 31, and will be reaching out to marine industry stakeholders and asking them to share their comments.

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  1. It seems as though the NMMA is conceding to the use of E10 which in itself is detrimental to thousands of older boats not designed to safely process it. The EPA is doing a dis-service to millions of consumers that not only operate boats, but lawn mowers, motorcycles, chains saws, weed wackers, etc. Although rec fuel and stabilizers are available, it adds cost and and “one more thing” the consumer must do to enjoy the water.

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