Foam Supplies, Inc. celebrates 45 years

Foam Supplies, Inc. announced it has reached its 45th anniversary.

David G. Keske founded FSI in 1972. FSI currently operates two U.S. manufacturing facilities, six international companies and has technology partners and distributors around the world.

“My late father founded Foam Supplies because he wanted to fill the gaps and serve customers that larger companies deemed insignificant to their business strategy,” said Todd Keske, president of FSI. “The philosophy was simple: provide the best and most consistent polyurethane systems, as well as uncompromising customer service and technical support, to every customer. This and other value-based principles remain the backbone of FSI and are responsible for our success.”

FSI said it is the first company to patent HCFC technology to reduce the harmful effects of ozone-depleting CFC products. This was followed by the commercialization of HFC-based products to further mitigate damage to the environment. Then, in 2002, FSI patented and introduced ecomate technology.

“With more than 15 years of commercialization, PU products powered by ecomate outperform competing technologies today,” said Keske. “As the world transitions away from damaging HCFCs and HFCs, we have the products to meet both regulatory requirements and consumer demands. Whether it’s ecomarine flotation foam or any of our other polyurethanes, Foam Supplies is prepared to help our customers meet their sustainability and business goals.”

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