Nautique announces Super Air GS24

Nautique has introduced the Super Air Nautique GS24. The GS24 is a multi-sport boat built to take the versatility of the GS-Series to the next level. Like its smaller siblings, the GS24 has acquired hull characteristics from Nautique’s G-Series and Ski Nautique 200 models.

The GS24 will include all of the technology that the Super Air Nautique GS-Series has to offer, including the Nautique Configurable Running Surface and 2,500 pounds of sub-floor internal ballast along with the Nautique Surf System. The NCRS integrates into the v-drive boat with the Ski Assist functionality.

“We are elated to round out the incredibly successful GS-Series with the introduction of the 2018 Super Air Nautique GS24,” said Nautique President Greg Meloon. “This new boat builds on the versatility of the GS while providing even more room for all your friends and family to join in the fun.”

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