LotVantage releases two new software products

LotVantage, a digital marketing SaaS company for dealerships, distributors and manufacturers, has released two new software products: Business Listings and Reputation Management. LotVantage said it is excited with the initial beta results and what an impact it has had on conversion to sales. These services coupled with existing LotVantage products are designed to be a benefit to dealerships and manufacturers as they lead to higher conversion rates and accuracy online.

Business Listings uses intelligent technology to scour the internet, providing accuracy and synchronizes the approved listing information, ensuring consistency to all 300+ places that a business can be found online.

Reputation Management gives a business the ability to monitor and grow its reputation online by providing the opportunity to respond to customer reviews and solicit additional reviews. This product is also available in a fully outsourced format, allowing our team of experts to manage and respond on a business’s behalf. Reputation Management also controls the ability to proactively solicit reviews, allowing for the creation of additional positive reviews and a course-correct for potentially negative reviews, before they go online.

“LotVantage is in the business of providing scalable Digital Marketing solutions with a high ROI to our customers. Our new Business Listings and Reputation Management products will ensure even greater ROI with improved accuracy. Businesses work very hard and spend real money to bring sales to the table. We added this latest set of products to combat inaccuracies and reputation problems which can ultimately hurt the conversion of sales,” said Matthew Brown, president/CEO of LotVantage.

For more information, visit www.lotvantage.com.

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