Chris Oliver selected as NOAA Fisheries assistant administrator

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced the selection of Chris Oliver to serve as the assistant administrator for NOAA Fisheries on Tuesday, June 20. The NOAA Fisheries AA position was one of President Trump's appointments that was being most watched by fishermen. Oliver takes control of the federal agency that oversees commercial and recreational fisheries under federal jurisdiction. He also will oversee federal data collection efforts that continue to pose a challenge for the effective management of recreational fisheries. 

"All of us at the RFA wish to welcome Chris Oliver as the NOAA Fisheries AA," said Jim Donofrio. "Chris has years of knowledge in how the council process works in conjunction to Magnuson. His new position as AA will help serve the Trump administration in carrying out what needs to be fixed to make fishing great again."

According to the release, Oliver has worked at the North Pacific Fishery Management Council for the past 27 years – first as a fisheries biologist, later as deputy director and finally as executive director for 16 years. Through his longtime participation in the Council Coordination Committee and various international fishery management organizations, Oliver gained extensive knowledge of national and international fisheries issues. A Texas native, Oliver also worked on Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishery management issues prior to moving to Alaska in 1990.

"We look forward to working with Chris and his team at NOAA Fisheries," said Donofrio.

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