Mustang Survival celebrates 50 years

Mustang Survival will celebrate fifty years of business this year. From beginnings that focused on Pacific Northwest mariners, Mustang Survival has grown to a brand now used by military teams, water rescue professionals, and recreational users around the world. Mustang Survival says its gear is made for the experts who save lives for a living but has been made accessible for the everyday water enthusiast. Mustang Survival is focused on entering new markets

“As a brand, we want to pay homage to the amazing work the team has accomplished in the past half century. Mustang Survival serves customers and consumers who truly rely on our products to not only do their job safely, but to assist them in keeping the public safe as well,” said Jason Leggatt, Mustang Survival’s general manager. “The fifty years of knowledge we’ve accumulated has positioned the brand as the point of authority in float and dry, and we will bring even more innovative technical solutions to market over the next fifty years. We’re just getting started.”

Established in 1967 on the invention of the Floater Coat by founder Irv Davies, Mustang Survival’s factory was located in the Gastown district of Vancouver, B.C. In 1977, the company further advanced flotation and hypothermia performance with the introduction of the ThermoFloat Coat and its patented “beavertail” design. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Mustang Survival continued its growth and officially expanded into the U.S. and international markets.

“With seven employees, Irv Davies and his son, Dwight, started the Mustang Survival company with just three sewing machines at the original factory in Gastown. We have remained committed to the Vancouver, B.C., community and now we have 230 total employees, and a dedicated office and manufacturing space in Burnaby,” said Leggatt. “Sustaining a presence in B.C. means we’re a strong contributor to the local economy but it has also provided the brand a unique opportunity to have R&D, design and manufacturing all in one place, enabling purposeful design.”

Twenty years ago Mustang Survival entered the inflatable personal flotation device market. Today, Mustang Survival’s PFDs can be found on the boats of both Coast Guard teams and family pontoons. Mustang Survival has been awarded multiple military contracts for special operations requirements, and last year launched the EP Ocean Racing Collection.

Mustang Survival said it receives survival stories and thank you messages from around the world. These “SAVES” stories are shared internally and provide continuous inspiration to the next generation of Mustang Survival associates to innovate and manufacture the best possible equipment, push boundaries, and to further enhance user experience on, and around, the water.

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