Taylor Made Systems expands manufacturing capacity

Taylor Made Systems announced an investment in their pre-furnace glass operations valued at $1.6 million that will yield a 50 percent increase in output at their Payne, Ohio tempering facility.

“We’ve purchased state-of-the-art equipment for three new lines that feed our tempering furnaces,” said Al Petit, president of Taylor Made Systems. “This investment ensures that our furnaces optimally produce glass to support marine market demand today and for the future.”

Each of the three new manufacturing lines will have a dedicated, computer numerical controlled glass cutting table, featuring automatic breakout of the scored glass. From there, the pre-tempered pieces travel via a system of shuttles and conveyors to other CNC machinery that customizes each part to exact specifications. A rotary grinder prepares the edge work for tempering, drills make chambered holes where needed, and a wash station cleans the glass before it is inspected and moves to the furnace area, where it will be bent and tempered.

One of the pre-furnace lines will be operational within the month. The second will be in service by July, and the third will go online in the August–September time frame.

“Taylor Made’s goal is to continuously improve service and support for our customers. To that end, this investment is a substantial one that will allow scheduling flexibility and increase the volume of glass we produce for a marine market currently on the upswing,” said Petit. “Taylor Made is committed to enhancing capabilities through technological upgrades and continued, significant capital investment to remain the leading manufacturer of glazing systems for the recreational marine industry.”

For more information, visit www.taylormadesystems.com.

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