BWA Yachting announces organizational changes

BWA Yachting has a new chief executive officer at the helm, after it was announced that current CEO, Stefano Tositti, is leaving. 

As the result of a leadership reorganization, the board of directors has appointed Paschalis Patsiokas as interim chief executive officer, starting immediately. Patsiokas replaces Stefano Tositti, an entrepreneur in the shipping and yachting fields. 

Patsiokas already has extensive experience and knowledge of the company, as he was previously the executive vice president of BWA Yachting and has worked in various roles for the organization for over 12 years.

"The board sees enormous growth opportunities on which BWA Yachting can capitalize. We have talented local and corporate teams and intend to keep the company to a path of robust growth and industry-leading innovation,” said Makis Pavlatos, chairman of the BWA Yachting board. “On behalf of the entire board, I want to thank Stefano for his tremendous service to BWA Yachting.”

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