Taylor Made Group mourns director of customer service

Gayle Maye Taylor Made Systems
Gayle Mayer receiving an award in 2014 for her outstanding commitment to the company from President of Taylor Made Systems Allan Petit (left) and Chairman and CEO of The Taylor Made Group, Dennis Flint (right).

The Taylor Made Group said it was sad to share the news that Gayle Maye, age 58, died recently.

Maye, director of customer service for Taylor Made Systems, passed away peacefully on Sunday, April 16, after a battle with cancer that the company said she fought with perseverance, optimism, and dignity.

“Gayle was one of the loveliest people I have ever known,” said Jim Taylor, owner of Taylor Made Group, LLC. “Her personality, professionalism, knowledge and work ethic made her instrumental in the success of our company. She will be missed by her family, friends, colleagues and our customers, as only they know; and by me, personally. She was a superstar!”

A 29-year employee of the company, Maye was well known and highly respected by Taylor Made’s many boat building customers. In her capacity as director of customer service, Maye played a significant role in the day-to-day operations of Taylor Made Systems — a manufacturer of boat windshields and other marine glazing systems. She served as one of the company’s primary points of contact for several of the recreational boating industry’s most recognizable names.

“I know that when many of our OEM customers think of Taylor Made, it is Gayle that first comes to mind,” said Michael J. Oathout, vice president of sales and marketing, Taylor Made Systems. “For nearly three decades, she has been the voice and personification of the service our company provides. Her commitment, ability, and strength in acting as that voice are going to be sorely missed by both our customers and our staff. I can’t express how much of a loss this is to all of us. We are heartbroken.”

Maye is survived by her husband Ernest J. Maye, two sisters, several nieces, nephews, and cousins. Memorial contributions may be made to Mountain Valley Hospice, www.mountainvalleyhospice.com.

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