Rossiter Boats adds two new U.S. dealers

Rossiter Boats has announced two new dealers, Bonita Boat Center and Allen Harbor Marine Service, Inc.

The Bonita Boat Center in Bonita Springs, Florida, has served boaters in Southwest Florida since 1969.

“The decision to add Rossiter was very simple, I saw the boats around at various locations and what really caught my eye was the design, the quality, the hull construction,” said Bonita Boat Center owner John Gagliano. “The Rossiter boats have been very well received by our customers; they are unique and unlike any other boat, they’re so beautiful, that’s really the first appeal but above all that these boats ride great,” Gagliano said.

Allen Harbor Marine Service, Inc., in Harwich Port, Massachusetts was founded in 1927 by Donald Dodge to service a small, exclusive fleet of boats belonging to local boaters in the area. 

“Our customers come first and we feel that Rossiter Boats shares those same ideals, a principle for fine craftsmanship and a very close eye on small details,” said Allen Harbor Marine Service sales manager JP Shipman. “Scott and his team are very responsive to the future development of the product line so we feel that Rossiter is a perfect fit for all of us long-term.”

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