Ultrafabrics launches three indoor/outdoor collections for the marine market

Ultrafabrics is launching three new non-breathable Ultraleather indoor/outdoor polyurethanes suited for marine environments: Ultraleather Distressed, Ultraleather Pebble and Ultraleather Pumice.

The new grains join the existing Ultraleather Cora Indoor/Outdoor and Ultraleather Promessa Indoor/Outdoor.

Functionally designed for helm seats, sunrooms, atriums, and other applications that are exposed to high levels of ultraviolet light, the fabric’s colorfastness to sunlight and other elements prevents fading and discoloration. EPA-registered anti-mildew defense protects against foreign substances. Climate control technology resists temperature changes, ensuring material will not crack or decompose and thermal comfort dissipates heat and moisture away from the body.

Other features include:

  • Superior hydrolysis results of 14+ weeks
  • Enhanced abrasion resistance: 400,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek)
  • Water repellency: non-breathable surface repels liquid and moisture
  • Stain protection: easily cleaned, including a 1:5 bleach/water solution
  • Skin friendly: non-allergenic

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