ASA Electronics works with Purdue to improve fabrication department

ASA Electronics sponsored an in-house project with the IN-MaC Technology Adoption Program along with Purdue University to increase the efficiency of its fabrication department.

Beginning in May 2016, the program worked in cooperation with ASA Electronics to lay out a specified improvement plan. The program is at a close, but the process is ongoing.

Utilizing the consultation and support from the IN-MaC program, the fabrication department at ASA Electronics has been able to identify inefficiencies and develop alternatives to run more smoothly.

“They were able to guide us to finding weaknesses within our fabrication department. In order to change the way of thinking in production we needed to identify our strengths and weaknesses. With IPFW’s help, we were able to do this and come up with an action plan on how to better manage production scheduling and assembly. Many of these changes will take place gradually but we have already started implementing new ideas and process changes,” said Joe Caban, operations supervisor at ASA Electronics.

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