SeaArk Boats announces major factory upgrades

SeaArk Boats’s production facility in Monticello, Ark., is currently undergoing expansion and renovation to accommodate sales demand.

Renovations will include a 4,455-square-foot expansion to its current Paint Department building. The expansion will house a new GatorHide booth with capacity for two boats, a new urethane booth and three flat paint booths. The entire department will be equipped with new plug and paint equipment.

Additional facility upgrades will include new concrete slabs between the Welding and Rigging Departments, as well as a slab and awning at the front of Rigging. The flow of the Welding and Rigging shops will be rearranged to increase production efficiency and allow for additional machinery to be added to the Welding Department.

“The current improvement projects are significant with several additional projects still on the drawing board,” said SeaArk President Steve Henderson. “We are excited about the changes that we are making. We feel that this will not only increase production efficiencies, but also create a better work environment for our employees to grow and be more productive.”

The additional projects are still in the initial planning stage and will be announced at a later date.

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