METSTRADE invites marine-related charities to apply for DAME 2017 funding

Certified marine-related public charities can now apply for the registration proceeds from the DAME Design Award at METSTRADE 2017. The Exhibition Committee of the trade show will select a charity from the submitted entries. The donation will be presented during the Breakfast Briefing on Nov.14, the official kickoff of METSTRADE 2017.

The annual DAME Award recognizes innovative product designs in the leisure marine industry. As the organizer and location of the METSTRADE Show, RAI Amsterdam decided several years ago to give away the proceeds of the award registration to a good cause. Every even year this charity is AMREF Flying Doctors, as was the case in 2016. In alternative years a maritime-related charity is chosen based on submissions.

The average amount of the donation to date has been €18,000, and the 2017 figure will obviously depend on the number of registered entry fees paid. Application is now open to all certified marine-related public charities until April 30. The Exhibition Committee will announce the successful recipient mid-May.

“The DAME Award is the best possible platform to launch new products and bring them to the attention of the global marine industry and media,” says Irene Dros, maritime domain manager at RAI Amsterdam. “Winners and nominees can count on significant media coverage and, by supporting a charity with the registration proceeds, RAI Amsterdam ensures that the wider society benefits as well. The chosen charity also enjoys increased international recognition thanks to its association with the DAME and METSTRADE, which is a win-win situation for all concerned.”

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