Crestliner debuts Rally pontoon series for 2017

Crestliner introduced its Rally pontoon series for 2017. The new pontoon features the style and craftsmanship of a typical Crestliner with all the benefits of a pontoon boat.

The company said the Rally is purpose-built using top-of-the-line materials and advanced construction methods. Reinforced tubes welded together create a bond, torsion control riser brackets absorb impact, and the crossmember system gives the Rally support from the deck up.

The pontoon comes in two distinct styles, the Rally and the Rally DX, and features five unique layout designs. The Rally comes with standard features, and the Rally DX comes with everything the Rally does and then some with more standard features, as well as higher-end trim levels and style accents.

Once a consumer has chosen their Rally style, they can add a performance package. Both packages offer a tritoon option, while the Sport package provides increased horsepower, maneuverability and stability. The V3 package is built for more speed and water sport activities and delivers more horsepower, increased fuel capacity, greater control in rough water, and an overall smooth ride.

Finally, the consumer gets to choose from five unique layout designs:

  • The CS (Cruise) provides deck seating thanks to an intuitive layout that makes the most of its deck space;
  • The CW (Center Walkthrough) features a spacious walkthrough layout, allowing for maximum mobility;
  • The CWDH (Center Walkthrough Dual Helm) is built with a similar walkthrough design as the CW, but also features two captains seats;
  • The FC (Fish & Cruise) combines features from a pontoon with that of a fishing boat and boasts a unique fishing station in addition to other fishing features; and
  • The FS (Fish) is outfitted with four fishing seats and fishability features.

“The Rally and Rally DX represent a return to glory for Crestliner,” said Lori Kneeland, director of marketing. “When we got to work on building this brand new pontoon line, there was only one mandatory – that these pontoons be unmistakably Crestliner. And they are. They’re durable, stylish and come in multiple floor plans that can accommodate any passion.”

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