Privilege Series 6 to make U.S. debut at Strictly Sail Miami


Denison will debut the first Privilege Series 6 in the U.S. at the Strictly Sail Miami boat show at Bayside Feb.16-20. According to Denison, the newly completed catamaran “La Passion” offers “a rare opportunity to see this highly customized, superior brand in person and adds that the Privilege Series 6 is a performance sailboat that epitomizes elegance, refinement and sailing power on the water and offers a high-quality and innovative interior design.”

“Not only do Privilege catamarans offer excellent build quality, but they can be customized to fit any buyer’s personality, unlike production catamarans – there was even one buyer who wanted a hot tub on the flybridge, and they got it,” said Austin Ellingsen, a brand manager for Privilege Marine in the United States. “Privilege catamarans are the only catamarans built to this standard, with this level of finish and construction. They perform better due to low weight and a performance-oriented hull design and are extremely quiet under both sail and power.”

“Manufacturers are bringing some incredible cats to debut at this year’s Strictly Sail Miami, helping to further elevate the show as one of the country’s cat capitols,” said Kevin Murphy, show manager for Strictly Sail Miami. “The attendee is going to have a blast shopping the show with boats like the Privilege Series 6 making their first public appearance. The energy that’s building among exhibitors and attendees is infectious. It’s going to be a fun experience all around.”

Denison notes that each Privilege has been studied and modeled with the latest high-tech software, resulting in a superior quality boat that consistently performs at the top of its class.

Privilege Marine models include the Series 5, Series 6, Series 7, Series 8, Series 10, Euphorie 5 and Furio 6. More than 600 Privileges are sailing worldwide.

For additional information on Privilege Marine, contact any member of Denison’s Privilege team – Austin Ellingsen, Jean-Marie Cabri, Mike Kiely or Dave Millett – at or 954-763-3971.

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