Kawasaki releases statement on The New Celebrity Apprentice

Kawasaki has released a statement regarding comments that were made by an employee of the company regarding “The New Celebrity Apprentice.”

“Throughout its 50-year history in the United States, Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., its subsidiaries and affiliates, have remained neutral in regards to American politics. Recently published comments relating to ‘The New Celebrity Apprentice’ and President-Elect Donald Trump’s involvement in the show attributed to a Kawasaki employee are a misrepresentation of the company’s position and the employee is no longer with the company.”

The statement follows several articles published earlier this week, citing a #grabyourwallet social media campaign designed by customers to boycott businesses that do business with the Trump family, have advertised on “The Celebrity Apprentice” or have contributed funds to the Trump presidential campaign. In the articles, spokesperson Kevin Allen alleged the company would not longer participate in the show due to customer feedback and the boycott campaign.

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