Rossiter Boats adds three new dealers

Scott Hanson, president & CEO of Rossiter Boats, announces the addition of three new dealers, two in the U.S. and one in Canada: Eagle Point Marina in the Irish Hills of Michigan, Yacht BC in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Mark Zeigler Yacht Sales of Jacksonville, Fla.

The 42-year-old family-owned company builds traditional, timeless, heirloom runabouts ranging from 14 to 23 feet, powered by Yamaha or Mercury outboards. Rossiter’s history of building began, and continues with, rowing craft at their 92,000 square foot facility in Markdale, Ontario.

“When I think about Rossiter Boats I think about my own company: A commitment to quality and value, which surpasses the customer’s expectation and won’t let them down after the sale,” said Mark Ziegler. “I have been selling boats since 1990 power & sail. I have seen almost every manufactory’s product and sold most of them at one time or another but nothing like this. Rossiter’s, are not a ‘me too’ product they are, highly crafted and timeless design and lines that make these boats future heirlooms for families to enjoy forever. Given my resume I could have represented any product made, but Rossiter stood out as the best product and people for my company that will embrace our wonderful clientele. Thank you for allowing us to be an authorized Rossiter dealer!”

Rossiter Boats attributes its success signing new dealers to its presence at the Marine Dealer Conference & Expo on Dec. 5-8, 2016 in Orlando, which generated tremendous interest in the product line. In fact, in the case of one of the three dealers Rossiter signed, the company’s presence at MDCE was the tipping point for a years-long prospect.

“With Rossiter posting another year of growth, up 37 percent we continue to find that our dealers are not only holding strong margins, and increasing their revenue, but this year’s CSI research confirmed that 95 percent of Rossiter dealers customers would recommend the dealer to a friend or family member, and over 98 percent of Rossiter customers say they would recommend a Rossiter,” said Hanson. “In fact, hardly a week goes by during the season when we do not get a call, letter, or e-mail from one of our dealers customers regarding their personal satisfaction, telling us how much they are enjoying their Rossiter.

“We are also very proud at Rossiter to point out that our warranty ratio continues to be well below the industry target, at a fraction of 1 percent of revenue in F2016, and more importantly, our dealers are very pleased with our approach to solving issues first and paying out warranty in a timely fashion, and then asking questions and taking steps to improve things going forward,” he added.

For more information on Rossiter Boats, contact Hanson at 1-866-251-3280 and

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