Wells Fargo introduces new CDFconnect program

Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance announced Wednesday the official launch of CDFconnect, a knowledge sharing program that delivers tools, subject matter experts, and training to help CDF’s network of 40,000 dealers, and 2,000 distributors and manufacturers grow their businesses.

Customers who use CDFconnect will have access to business resources that can help to increase revenues, improve margins, gain market presence, and increase efficiencies.

“We feel like we’re partners with the industries we serve, so if we have access to tools that can help the dealers, help the OEMs or help any of our vendor partners to have greater success, then we’re willing to invest in those things,” said Bruce Van Wagoner, president of CDF’s marine group. “If we can bring business intelligence and help everybody improve, then we fell like the [entire industry] is going to gain along the way.”

The program is an extension of the support CDF gave its dealers and partners dating back to when it was part of GE.

“We think with Wells Fargo, we’ve got an opportunity to help a lot of businesses with needs that they might have,” Van Wagoner said. “Essentially we provide for free a customer-based program to give our customers access to the business knowledge … resources that we have, solutions that they might be seeking help for.”

Starting in September, Wells Fargo CDF experts conducted CDFconnect seminars to targeted industries at trade shows, dealer meetings, and events within the motorsports, outdoor products, and recreational vehicles industries. CDF representatives will be available at next week’s Marine Dealer Conference & Expo in Orlando to discuss the program, as well.

Existing CDFconnect seminar topics include succession planning, strategic planning and execution, and maximizing voice of customer feedback. The business expects to expand the program to other industries in early 2017. Additional topic areas that may be added to the program’s portfolio include:

  • Inventory management
  • Financial statements and key ratios
  • Digital marketing and social media
  • Leveraging customer feedback
  • Economic and macro trends
  • Industry specific issues facing business
  • Leadership capabilities

For further information about CDFconnect, visit cdf.wf.com/cdfconnect.

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