Zenith Dealer Solutions finalizes MRAA platinum partnership

Zenith Dealer Solutions, a specialist in phone lead management for marine dealerships, has joined the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas as a platinum partner — the MRAA’s highest level of corporate partnership.

Based in Tempe, Ariz., Zenith offers a full menu of dealer solutions designed to maximize marketing campaigns, properly handle sales leads and recover missed opportunities. A growing list of dealerships, including Tracker Boats, Singleton Marine, Skipper Bud’s and Yacht World, rely on Zenith Dealer Solutions for phone call and text tracking, advertising conversion and advanced call routing.

“Supporting the work done year-round by the MRAA and its partners fits seamlessly with our company mission of streamlining the sales process and helping dealers sell more boats,” Zenith VP of Dealer Services Ben Golemon said. “We’re pleased to offer our services to MRAA members and look forward to a long and frutiful partnership.”

Marine retailers utilizing Zentih Dealers Solutions say the platform prevents missed phone leads, aids in gaining in-depth insights into process adherence and allows the sales team to track opportunities and appointments in real time.

“Zenith Dealer Solutions provides me with a unique view inside of our dealerships’ phone calls,” Evan Davis of Singleton Marine said. “Never before have I had this type of measurement and Singleton Marine is taking advantage of it. Missed calls and missed opportunities are a thing of the past.”

Additional products and services offered by Zenith include API and CRM integration, ad source tracking, customized alarms alerting the sales department to new leads and phone skills training.

“The team at Zenith offers MRAA members a modern solution to tracking phone and text leads and converting those leads into sales,” MRAA President Matt Gruhn said. “Welcoming Zenith as a Platinum Partner underscores their commitment to strengthening the future of the retail boating sector.”

Zenith Dealers Solutions joins a continually growing roster of boat manufacturers, vendors and suppliers that have chosen to support the dealer community through partnership with the MRAA. Find a full menu of partner benefits here.

For more information on MARAA, call 763-315-8043 or visit www.mraa.com.

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