Malibu Boats licenses Surf Gate to Chaparral Boats

Malibu Boats announced Friday that it has licensed its wakesurfing innovations to Chaparral Boats. Chaparral will manufacture and use its version of the technology to equip certain models within its product line.

Malibu’s Surf Gate system ensures wakesurfing enthusiasts large, clean, smooth surf waves on either side of the boat.

“We are excited and proud to license our innovations to Chaparral. Chaparral is a premium brand and market share leader with a 52-year history of building boats with exceptional quality,” said Malibu Boats CEO Jack Springer. “Chaparral conducted itself honorably by requesting a license to our technology.”

With this license, Chaparral can offer this surfing experience into market segments not directly served by Malibu or its Axis Wake Research brand.

“This license will help introduce even more people to the fun of wakesurfing, and to Chaparral’s version of Malibu’s wakesurfing technology, which produces the most amazing waves for that sport,” said Springer.

“Building Chaparrals with our version of Malibu’s patented wakesurfing technology is a game changer. It is exciting to introduce wakesurfing to our sterndrive customers,” said Buck Pegg, Chaparral’s founder and executive vice president. “Combining our version of Malibu’s innovations with the Volvo Penta Forward Drive creates an incredible wake. We have the opportunity to introduce new buyers to the sport of wakesurfing.”

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