Wakeboarding Hall of Fame to induct eight at SurfExpo

The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame will host its second annual induction ceremony at Surf Expo.

On Thursday, September 8 at 10:30 am at the Alliance Multimedia Booth on the trade show floor, eight   contributors to the history of wakeboarding will be honored with induction in a presentation hosted by wakeboarding’s Dano the Mano aka Danny Amir..

The eight new honorary inductees will join previous Hall of Fame inductees such as athletes Eric Perez and Andrea Gaytan, industry innovators Herb O’Brien (awarded posthumously), Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon and photographer Tom King.

Shaun Murray, Wakeboarding Hall of Fame Historical Advisor and iconic wakeboarding athlete said, “The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame has voluntarily worked since 2014 to make the Hall of Fame a significant fixture in the wakeboarding world. Careful consideration by the 13-member board of directors and a 50-member panel of industry experts has gone into developing the Hall of Fame with the right inductees.”

The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization that was created to honor and preserve the history of wakeboarding sports and to celebrate pioneers and innovators that have significantly contributed to wake sports heritage.

Greg Nelson, Wakeboarding Hall of Fame Historical Advisor, former competitive wakeboarder and current marketing director for Hyperlite said, “The Wakeboarding Hall of Fame is singularly positioned to hold its honorary inductees in the highest regard as contributors to the betterment of wakeboarding. It’s crucial that we don’t lose the history that made wakeboarding so great and that’s why the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame is so important.”

For more information about the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame, visit WakeBoardingHallofFame.com.

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