Malibu introduces 22 MXZ and 24 MXZ Wakesetter

Malibu Boats has introduced the new 22 MXZ and 24 MXZ Wakesetter models for 2017. Both boats debut new hulls that are built to create larger wakes, combined with Malibu’s Integrated Surf Platform (ISP) technology.

The classic Malibu Wakesetter offers seating for 15 in the 22 MXZ and up to 18 for the 24 MXZ. To maximize time on the water, Malibu says it increased fuel capacity by 10 percent in the 24 MXZ.

“When we introduced the 22 MXZ in the 2012 model year and the 24 MXZ shortly after that, the MXZ series took the market by storm. Now the new 22 MXZ and 24 MXZ have the innovations and performance characteristics that Malibu has developed over the last four years, making them even more versatile, better performing and feature laden,” said Malibu CEO Jack Springer. “The new 22 MXZ and 24 MXZ are at the top of the best wakeboarding and wakesurfing boats on the market today and with Malibu’s iconic performance and handling, truly maximize your entire boating experience.”

In both the 22 MXZ and 24 MXZ, four passengers can relax in the bow, which features more walk around room on the boat as well as a walk-through transom. In both MXZ models, gray anodized billet details are seen throughout the boat. Exclusive to the 24 MXZ is standard foldout wake-view seating to provide a better view of rider action. Wake-view seating is an optional upgrade for the 22 MXZ.

New options include new Wet Sounds speakers, Malibu’s backup camera and the new ISP steering wheel controls. Customers can add a secondary heater, Deckadence carpeting or soft-grip flooring.

To maximize wakes, Malibu increased maximum ballast by nearly 550 pounds in the MXZ 22 and by more than 900 pounds in the MXZ 24. The ISP’s Quad Hard Tank Ballast system features the new MAXballast L-shaped rear tanks exclusive to Malibu’s MXZ line. The system actively measures the hard tank and the optional Plug and Play ballast so customers know when the rear ballast setup is truly full. With the added ballast, Malibu says the ISP’s hydraulic Power Wedge II hydrofoil makes an even bigger impact for wake and wave creation.

Malibu tailored the ISP’s hydraulic Surf Gate to the new hull design. The company says both the 22 MXZ and 24 MXZ can now create bigger, barreling surf waves, but still offer the capability for customizing wave shape, size and speed that caters to all skill levels.

The Malibu Command Center with Viper 2 digital dash lets the driver dial in the wake or wave for any rider. Like all Malibu models, the 22 MXZ and 24 MXZ also offer the Malibu Surf Band wrist remote that lets the rider control the wake or wave from the board.

The 24 MXZ comes standard with a 450 pound-foot Monsoon engine, which is an upgrade option for the 22 MXZ. Both models can be equipped with a supercharged version that releases 575 foot-pounds of torque.

The 2017 Malibu MXZ models come backed by Malibu’s warranty, including lifetime hull coverage, and are available now from all authorized Malibu dealers.

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