Marine Loan Security and All Oceans Closings merge

Marine Loan Security, based in Wisconsin, has merged with Fort Lauderdale-based All Oceans Closings, a marine documentation companies in the country.

Together, Heide Coope, of Marine Loan Security, and Lisa Borkowski of All Oceans Closings have successfully handled over 10,000 transactions. Borkowski and Cooper have owned marine documentation companies for more than two decades. The merger combines their talents and experience under one roof.

“Heide and I have been colleagues and friends for many years,” said Borkowski, All Oceans’s president. “Heide is not only smart and savvy, she makes marine documentation fun. Blending our companies brings us together to lead a powerhouse team with a wide range of experience in both domestic and international marine transactions.”

“This gives us more locations and the ability to expand our list of services so we can better assist our customers,” said Cooper, the new vice president of All Oceans Closings.

All Oceans Closings is a yachting industry premiere closing services with dedicated professional closing agents who have over 45 years’ experience. All Oceans is a member of the American Vessel Documentation Association (AVDA), Yacht Brokers Association of America (YBAA) and the Florida Yacht Brokers Association (FYBA).

Yacht, boat and vessel documentation services include international and domestic corporate and maritime services, comprehensive lien searches, professional preparation of all buyer and seller documents, a full-service closing department including escrow services and for-sale-by-owner services. All Oceans is approved by all major marine lenders, credit unions and small regional banks. All Oceans specializes in complicated cases including unregistered vessels, deceased sellers, repossessions, U.S. Marshal seizures, absentee owners and multi-location closings.

To learn more about All Oceans Closings, call 954-500-2556 or visit

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