MyTaskit and BoatCloud integrate leisure marine platforms

MyTaskit, a web-based software platform for connecting service professionals to their technicians, subcontractors and customers, and BoatCloud, a solution developed by Anderson Software to simplify marine scheduling efforts, have announced the successful integration of their two leisure marine platforms. The companies say customers will benefit from the combined features of MyTaskit’s comprehensive marine and service management solution and the added, streamlined scheduling solution BoatCloud provides.

BoatCloud provides a real-time launch scheduling capability to full-service marinas using the MyTaskit Pro Operations module. MyTaskit and BoatCloud recently developed an integration using the MyTaskit API (Applications Programming Interface) to develop a solution that combines the strengths of both systems. The integration has been successfully deployed at Calusa Island Marina in Goodland, Fla. With Calusa as a successful integration in place, both companies are ready to offer this functionality to all MyTaskit Pro users.

“We are delighted to be working with BoatCloud to provide this enhanced level of service to our mutual customers,” said Kevin Hutchinson, founder and CEO of MyTaskit. “Both our companies are driven by a passion to streamline and enhance the web-based services for marinas and the nationwide boating community. This integration with BoatCloud is another example of our commitment to extend the best practices of MyTaskit with other world-class service providers in the marine industry.”

“This integration was spurred by Calusa Island Marina, a customer who saw the benefits of both BoatCloud and MyTaskit and wanted to have both in one application,” said Kevin Anderson, president and CEO of Anderson Software. “We’re pleased with this partnership because we know this will help marinas be more efficient and boost their bottoms lines. It also lets boaters enjoy more time on the water, rather than worrying about all the particulars involved in scheduling, provisioning and preparing a boat for a day on the water.”

Anderson Software developed BoatCloud in 2011 to streamline the means by which marina patrons coordinate the use of their boats. Their mission was to replace the troubled logistics of phone calls, log sheets, and radio communications required for a marina patron to get their boat launched on a certain day, at a certain time, with certain provisions and/or services provided by the marina prior to arrival. Reservations feed into a real-time dashboard that is monitored by marina staff – specifically forklift operators via the use of a wireless tablet. This replaces the pen-and-paper processes used prior to BoatCloud.

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