RFA urges members speak out against ethanol mandate

The Recreational Fishing Alliance is encouraging its members to take action on ethanol by participating in a campaign being conducted through Boating United, a grassroots platform organized by the National Marine Manufacturers Association.

In May, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed increasing renewable fuel volume requirements for 2017. The announcement was met with dismay from NMMA and other industry associations, which have long opposed the increased use of ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply.

The move was quickly greeted with dismay from the National Marine Manufacturers Association, which has long opposed higher levels of ethanol in the nation’s fuel supply, due to concerns about damage to engines and other boat components.

“With nearly 5,000 new E15 pumps expected as a result of this government mandate, the risk of misfueling is very real,” the RFA said in a statement.

Click here for more information on the Boating United effort. Comments are due July 11.

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