eNow bringing solar power systems to marine industry

eNow, Inc., which specializes in renewable energy systems has announced plans to move into the commercial and leisure marine industries, as well as the recreational vehicle market with its solar solutions.

With eNow, solar power is captured and stored in the on-board battery system and distributed to various functions, such as air conditioning and refrigeration.

“If it moves, we can power it with our flexible and industry-leading solar power solutions,” said Jeff Flath, founder and CEO of eNow. “As the price of gas and diesel continues to rise, while solar solutions become more cost-effective and efficient due to technical advances, we find a widening market for the advanced technology of our solar panels for transport vehicles. We feel the key is to provide the transportation, RV and Marine industries with high quality, low cost solutions that provide a great ROI within a short timeframe.”

The move into the RV and Marine space is a logical business extension for eNow, the company said. Over the past several years, eNow has partnered with companies such as Dometic Group, Mitsubishi Fuso, Freightliner, Navistar and Morgan Corporation. The eNow solar solution is sold through OEMs and aftermarket dealers.

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