Yamaha Marine donates F115 outboard to WoundedNature.org

Yamaha Marine Group donated an F115 outboard and propeller to WoundedNature.org. The donations will help power the organization’s 19-foot Monarch scouting vessel, which is used to identify cleanup sites in hard-to-access coastal areas.

The mission of WoundedNature.org arose after the Gulf oil spill, which revealed a dramatic increase of rescued birds, sea turtles, and sea mammals that had ingested plastic items. The organization also learned that many critical coastal wildlife habitats are collection points for trash and storm debris, and that the need to clean up these areas had yet to be addressed.

“While public beach cleanups often support the travel industry, our mission is to clean up trash and debris from rural areas that benefit wildlife, which often depend on these remote, untraveled areas to flourish,” said Rudy Socha, chief executive officer, WoundedNature.org. “We thank Yamaha for helping us get our scouting boat ready for the many trips we have planned for our U.S. coastline cleanups.”

WoundedNature.org accepts veteran volunteers, active duty military members as well as the general public for cleanup projects.

“We are truly pleased to be able to assist WoundedNature.org with its vital mission to remove debris from wildlife areas along our nation’s coasts,” said Joe Maniscalco, Yamaha Marine service division manager. “The organization is filling a critical need that will help to restore health and habitat to a vast array of wildlife.”

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