Forespar responds to TruPlug lawsuit claims

Last week, TruPlug issued a statement saying the company was awarded more than $500,000 in damages in its litigation with Forespar.

TruPlug has sued Forespar, a marine products distributor in Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., claiming Forespar breached its exclusive distribution agreement and started selling its own emergency marine plug in lieu of TruPlug.

Forespar responded to that statement Monday:

Forespar Products Corp. is a company dedicated, by policy and ethical commitment, to high-quality products and reliable service to its customers. Litigation involving Forespar and TruPlug is ongoing and to make any statement, by either party, would be premature.  That said, the information presented in the recent press release from TruPlug is news from last summer, contains inaccuracies, and is misleading.  We have no comment on pending litigation except to say we believe the jury was denied important information during the trial and we are appealing this verdict from mid-2015.  It is unfortunate a press release such as this could be sent and published without any opportunity to offer a counter statement. 

The court decision does not in any way affect our rights to sell our own product, Sta-Plug, that we developed and introduced several years ago.  Sta-Plug uses innovative edge gripping riblets to help keep it in place and increase holding power.  And Sta-Plug is made right here in the USA.

We have inventory in stock, have been shipping without interruption, and continue to fill all of our customers’ orders.


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