Webasto presents top customer awards

To show appreciation for those that have contributed to its successful year, Webasto Thermo and Comfort North America, Inc. recently presented its 2015 Top Customer awards. The manufacturer of comfort systems for boats recognized six companies.

Sure Marine won Distributor of the Year and Marysville Marine was Taking Feel Cool Fast Self-Contained A/C Distributor of the Year. Defender Industries won Webasto’s Top Retailer of the Year, while Mermaid Marine received the award for Canadian Distributor of the Year. CWR took home Best Growth Achievement and Ocean Marketing received Rep Group of the Year.

“We could not be where we are today without our strong network of support, which includes our retailers, distributors and rep groups,” said David Wollard, Webasto Thermo and Comfort North America’s director of marine division. Awards were presented at the Miami International Boat Show.

Find more information about Webasto Thermo and Comfort North America, Inc. at www.webasto-marine.com.

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