MRAA hires coordinator for MICD program

The Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program has hired a full-time program coordinator to assist with dealer communications, program administration and marketing efforts.

With a background in corporate planning and logistics, Liz Marsha will ensure marine dealers have everything they need to work through the certification process as efficiently as possible. In addition to working closely with the program director on internal operations, she will also work with the MICD Program’s team of consultants to ensure they have a complete set of tools available in order to best serve dealers throughout North America.

“Welcoming Liz to the certification team was a direct result of increased participation and our desire to better serve dealers in the program,” Sonja Moseley, MRAA’s director of certification and benefits, said. “Liz is already demonstrating her value to the team through improved communications, attention to detail and her enthusiasm to contribute to the continued evolution of the MICD Program.”

After spending most of her life in New England, Liz and her husband recently relocated with their two children to the Minneapolis area. Liz will be in regular contact with marine retailers enrolled in the MICD Program, the recreational marine industry’s foremost business accreditation program for marine dealers, and provide assistance with tasks associated with curriculum completion.

“We are starting to settle in and make Minnesota home, and I’m happy to be onboard with the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas and the Certification team,” Liz said. “I’m looking forward to helping dealers throughout the boating industry reap the benefits of the certification program, as well as MRAA as whole.”

For more information on the certification process, contact Liz Walz at

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