Yamaha praises congressman for co-sponsoring Gulf Red Snapper reform bill

KILGORE, Texas— Yamaha Marine Group today praised U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, for his support of H.R. 3094, the Gulf States Red Snapper Management Authority Act.

By co-sponsoring the legislation, the Congressman signals strong support to the 234 employees of Skeeter Boats, a manufacturer of fishing boats in Texas’s First District, Yamaha said.

“We are extremely thankful to Congressman Gohmert for his support of H.R. 3094,” said Martin Peters, manager, government relations. “Congressman Gohmert’s efforts to support Red Snapper management reform clearly demonstrate his commitment to job growth in Texas’s First District, and his support of sportsmen across the country. America’s anglers and boaters truly owe the Congressman a debt of gratitude.”

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  1. Very sad commentary as it shows the utmost lack of educated knowledge about fishery management. Another example of a disrespect for the American consumer by a small group of politically motivated Congressmen backed by the CCA (Coastal Conservation Association), one has to wonder about the folks that would elect legislative leaders supporting this bill.

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