Grady-White adds Michigan dealer

Grand Pointe Marina will now represent Grady-White Boats, from the company’s locations on the Grand River in Lansing and in Sterling Heights/Detroit, the company announced Wednesday.

“We are extremely excited with the opportunity to represent Grady-White in Michigan. Our two stores serve both Mid Michigan and East Michigan areas of our state, including Detroit, one of the largest boating markets in the USA,” said Chris Stevens, general manager of Grand Pointe. “We’ll have all Grady models for sale and many Grady models on display both in Lansing and in our 30,000-square foot indoor showroom at our Detroit location. We like to say that this showroom facility accommodates a boat show every day!”

“Grady-White is a perfect fit for our dealership,” continues Stevens. “We already are heavily involved with the fishing community, and our customers, old and new, will love Grady-White because not only are these excellent fishing boats built with exceptional attention to detail, but they also are safe and sure premium quality family cruisers or sport boats–just right for the Great Lakes. Like Grady-White, our family-owned business places a high priority on service and making sure our customers are exceedingly happy. Grady-White promotes the same values we live by. This relationship is going to give our dealership a strong edge when it comes to offering the quality boat people are looking for today.”

Grand Pointe Marina of Detroit & Lansing was originally founded in 1968 by Sandy and Pat Stevens, and the Stevens family is still serving customers right on the river in Lansing. The Detroit store opened in 2014, and is a short nine miles from Lake St. Claire and boating links to Lake Michigan and Lake Erie.

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