KEP Marine renamed Aydin Marine, releases glass pod display system

BIRDSBORO, PA – KEP Marine – a manufacturer of displays, computers and peripherals – announced today that it has been renamed Aydin Marine. The name change follows the recent acquisition by Sparton IED, LLC through its ruggedized display brand, Aydin Displays. Aydin Displays designs products for harsh commercial and recreational marine, military and industrial applications.

“The well established companies that have been consolidated under Sparton have been strong players in the broader military, industrial and marine markets for decades,” said Jim Lackemacher, group vice president of the engineered components and products segment, Sparton. “KEP Marine has specialized in maritime products and carved out a reputation as an industry leader. By joining with Aydin Displays and becoming Aydin Marine, we have access to broader intellectual property, a streamlined manufacturing process and shared resources. This allows us an incredible opportunity to innovate and offer a larger portfolio of the finest purpose-built products applicable to the most extreme markets.”

With this announcements comes the release of a new installation system for multiple marine monitors: the Aydin Marine Glass Pod.

The Aydin Marine Glass Pod allows multiple sunlight-readable displays to be flush-mounted in a single installation. Designed to fit monitors from 7 to 19 inches or larger custom-designed systems, the system minimizes the carpentry and wiring demands of multiple-monitor displays.

“Boat builders and owners are constantly looking for ways to streamline the installation of their multi-monitor helms,” said Keith Cariani, director business development, Aydin Marine. “The Aydin Marine Glass Pod cuts the time and cost of these projects without sacrificing quality and appearance. With our new Glass Pod system, there is a fully customizable solution for every helm.”

The Aydin Marine Glass Pod offers a watertight front, ideal for pilothouse or flybridge consoles that can be operated in extreme environments. The Aydin Marine Glass Pod is designed specifically to be fully serviceable from the rear and is compatible with any manufacturers’ black-box solution. The rugged system is at-sea tested for usability, connectivity and durability.

The Glass Pod produces an image that appears to float on the glass surface, suited for combining navigation, closed-circuit TV or vessel monitoring screens. The Glass Pods use the same technology as the company’s sunlight displays.

Since 1967, Aydin Displays has developed and supplied products designed to operate in severe industrial settings and military environments such as ground mobile, airborne, surface warships and submarines for almost 50 years. In August 2013, Aydin was acquired by Sparton Corporation, resulting in a huge leap forward in the company’s resources. In early 2015, Aydin acquired KEP Marine, to expand its capabilities in the industrial and marine markets.

“By completing this integration of KEP Marine into our family of companies, we get the benefit of their vast experience in the marine market,” said Art Mengel, director of business development for Rugged Electronics, Aydin Displays. “We will use this experience to expand our customer base by enhancing our portfolio with more of the high-quality, dependable products our customers have come to expect.”

For more information on Aydin Marine or its entire marine product line, contact 866-367-2934 (toll-free) in the USA or visit

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