MyTaskit releases new service ebook

MyTaskit has unveiled “MyTaskit Ebook: 5 Things to Improve Marine Services Profits Right Now.”

Written by marine author and consultant Phil Friedman, “5 Things to Improve Marine Services Profits Right Now” takes readers through a step-by-step process for boatyard or marine business executives to boost gross profit without incurring additional overhead expenses. Sensible tips range from how to improve task management, to how to avoid overtime with better planning and how to improve your capture of billable labor hours. Friedman suggests readers use a single key metric to judge how their boatyard or service businesses are performing daily and weekly.

MyTaskit, a free web app for boat owners accessible via any desktop or mobile device, allows owners to better manage their high-value possessions and communicate with service technicians about maintenance and repairs.  Within the MyTaskit Pro Coordination module, which is available as a free or subscription service with enhanced features, service businesses can coordinate all repair/maintenance tasks with technicians and customers. MyTaskit Operations, formerly known as DockMaster, is integrated with the Coordination module and helps boating professionals with their backend operations, including financial management, work order processing, inventory management, point of sale, marina management and sales management.

Late last year, MyTaskit kicked off its first webinar, “Paths to Success for Boat Service Companies,” featuring Jim Bronstien, Marine Industry Executive and CEO of Marine Business Advisors; and Kevin Hutchinson, founder and CEO of MyTaskit. A free recording of the webinar is available to registered users here.  The webinar teaches participants several tactical strategies for boosting their boat service operations, from boat repair and maintenance, to comprehensive and proactive boat monitoring and management.

“The Boat Services Industry, and so many service sectors–from home and RV to automotive–are on the brink of a massive technological evolution. Consumers are demanding a higher, more comprehensive level of services from their boatyard, and marine businesses are starting to embrace a more strategic, ongoing recurring-revenue monitoring and management model,” said MyTaskit’s Hutchinson. “The MyTaskit ebook and webinar both illuminate some of the new models for doing business and our commitment to producing valuable thought leadership to help service professionals through this transformative period.”

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