Action Craft Boats offering factory direct ordering

Action Craft Boats is now offering factory direct ordering for customers outside of its dealers’ territories. The company builds 12 bay and flats fishing models.

In Southwest Florida, from Everglade City north to the Panhandle, and territories beyond the Southeast, Action Craft Boats will work directly with consumers.

Outside of these areas, customers can visit Action Craft dealers such as Marine Warehouse Center of Wilmington, North Carolina, or Waylen Bay Marine of St. Augustine, Florida.

The company has grown significantly since being taken over by new management and ownership in 2012. Last year, the company increased production by 32 percent over 2014. It has set a 2016 goal to boost manufacturing productivity 42 percent.

Action Craft Boats is actively seeking dealers in the Gulf Coast and Mid-Atlantic regions, and internationally. Contact to learn more.

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