MRAA and Spader Business Management partner on virtual training

MINNEAPOLIS — The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas and Spader Business Management have formed an online education partnership, resulting in the launch of three new courses within the MRAA Interactive Virtual Training System.

“The long-standing relationship between Spader and the MRAA is based on a shared mission to support the professional development of marine dealers and their employees,” Liz Walz, vice president of MRAA, said. “By extending our partnership to include virtual training, we can not only offer Spader’s first-class educational programming to a whole new audience, but we can also serve the dealers our organizations currently reach in a deeper way, bringing this highly impactful training to their entire teams.”

Led by Spader Business Management President John Spader and divided into eight separate chapters, “One Dollar Empowerment” headlines the group of new offerings. Not only will this virtual course strengthen a dealer’s core understanding of financial metrics, but it also will allow subscribers to initiate important financial conversations with their team regarding such topics as the key expense ratios to monitor, how to calculate those ratios and tactics to improve net profit.

The pair of other new courses, “Adaptability: The Single Best Predictor of Success” and “Effective Leaders and Managers” by Dr. Michael O’Connor, are also now available for purchase. Each contains five chapters designed specifically to unlock sustained success and teach the key principles that differentiate high-performing leaders and managers from their industry peers.

“We’ve been researching the opportunity to serve the dealer community through online education for years,” Spader said. “MRAA’s virtual training platform came along at the right time, allowing us to expand our service to the boating industry alongside a trusted partner.”

“One Dollar Empowerment” is available to MRAA retail members at the discounted rate of $249 per year ($299 for non-members), including up to 25 employee profiles, while “Adaptability” and “Effective Leaders and Managers” are available to MRAA members at $149 each ($199 for non-members).

Learn more about these three new courses, as well as MRAA’s complete menu of interactive training, at

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