Misty Harbor completes plant expansion

Kevcon Corporation, parent company of Misty Harbor pontoons, announced Tuesday the completion of its plant expansion.

“We have experienced considerable growth as a company and are expanding our manufacturing footprint to keep up with demand,” said John Jergens, director of operations.

Misty Harbor’s parent company finalized the purchase of an additional facility three miles
northeast of their existing plant in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

“With this expansion we have created a workflow that allows us plenty of room for future growth, and by reallocating existing space for added materials we have nearly doubled our fabrication space,” said Tom Christy, director of scheduling.

The company began moving into the newly acquired facility in mid-December 2015.

Misty Harbor was once primarily a northern pontoon brand that concentrated its sales in the top three pontoon states in the U.S.: Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. In the past three years the company has refocused their efforts by spreading into new markets across the country.

“Our product has evolved into a more competitive brand, and dealers who have watched the pontoon market grow these past several years are stepping into our boats with meaningful sales
success,” said Jeff Martin, director of sales & marketing.

The brand also just announced a 32 percent growth in sales coming out of their fall dealer meetings.

“Strong growth in the pontoon sector doesn’t appear to be losing steam, and as a growing company we’re capitalizing on that inherent momentum by expanding our production capabilities to meet the demand of new markets,” Martin said.

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