MyTaskit lands four new investors

MyTaskit, a provider of software as a service (SaaS) solutions for connecting service professionals to their technicians and customers, unveiled Monday a new round of mezzanine funding totaling $1.7 million, which brings the company’s total seed investment to $11 million.

MyTaskit announced four new investors: independent investors H. Raymond Bingham and William O. Grabe (advisory directors from General Atlantic LLC.); Charles W. Horn, chairman, Pro Private Equity/PBMS Group; and David E. Shaw, managing partner, Black Point Group. George Conrades, managing partner, Longfellow Venture Partners, is the lead investor and was part of MyTaskit’s initial launch.

“The time is right for MyTaskit,” said George Conrades of Longfellow Venture Partners. “There’s so much inefficiency with the entire service tech model, from the assignment and coordination of tasks, to obtaining fast estimates on work, to managing the backend-side of a service business. MyTaskit ties it all together, making it easier for the customer and the service technician.”

MyTaskit offers a free web app accessible via any desktop or mobile device that allows owners to communicate with service technicians about maintenance and repairs.  On the service provider side, MyTaskit helps professionals simplify coordination of tasks to improve the availability, effectiveness and efficiency of service communications while also increasing consumer loyalty and profitability. MyTaskit’s initial launch was in the marine industry in April 2015 where consumers, service professionals and their technicians use the product to communicate more effectively.

Optional modules can be added to MyTaskit to further enable service pros to improve operations and service. Full business management capabilities enable service organizations to automate work order processing, record keeping, invoicing and service tech coordination.

MyTaskit also reported that its consumer adoption was up 20 percent, and that overall, marine professionals that have adopted MyTaskit are looking to coordinate business with more than 35,000 consumers they serve.

In November, MyTaskit announced it was now serving the Pacific Northwest, from the Greater Seattle area in the U.S. to the Greater Vancouver area including Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Earlier last year, it expanded from its initial Southeast regional launch into the Northeast regions.

“The marine industry was a great place for us to launch MyTaskit given the frequency and broad categories of service on boats like mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and the fact the marine industry is a mirror copy of other service industry structures and dynamics like residential services and property management needs,” adds Kevin Hutchinson, founder and CEO of MyTaskit.  “Our revenue is up and our market share continues to grow as we expand nationwide. Additional industries we intend to serve are on the horizon.”

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