Dr. Shrink raises funds for local animal shelter

Dr. Shrink, Inc.’s founder/CEO/President, Mike Stenberg, recently traveled both for fun and for a cause.

Mike and his son, Bart Stenberg, general manager of Dr. Shrink, Inc., flew to Las Vegas, where they purchased a 1990 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Country Squire Wagon.

Mike said the Ford Country Squire station wagon was for a 40 year period one of the best vehicles for carrying the family on daily trips and for summer vacations taken across the USA. He was happy to have found this particular Squire wagon that is totally original and only had 11,534 miles on it when they picked it up.

The cross-country trip home from Nevada to Michigan in their new ride became a viral sensation when it was announced via video on Dr. Shrink’s Facebook page that Mike was “Road-Trippin’ for a Reason” and all “likes”, comments, or shares on the video or photos would be tallied and go toward a monetary donation to Homeward Bound (a local animal shelter in Manistee, Mich.). The video and photos immediately went viral; the video reached close to 5,000 people, had 99 shares, and 169 “likes”. The photo album had 22 shares and 76 likes.

“Our road trip from Las Vegas to Manistee in the 1990 Ford Country Squire was a great time—even when driving through a very long Oklahoma during the middle of the night,” Mike said. “Highlights of the journey were the beautiful high deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, Petrified Forest National Park where they had the best fry bread tacos ever, and then when we crossed the border into Michigan signaling only 195 miles more to go.”

Mike said he has a soft spot and big heart for all animals and pets are family at Dr. Shrink, Inc.

“It was fun and rewarding to log our travels on Facebook and see the response toward a great cause,” he said. “I want to say thank you to everyone who followed us on Facebook and helped make this a very Merry Christmas for our furry friends at Homeward Bound in Manistee, Mich.”

The Facebook travel log response ended up raising $450 which was donated by Dr. Shrink to Homeward Bound of Manistee, Mich.

As for the Ford Country Squire station wagon? Mike said, “I expect to keep it in the collection for many years.”

Deb Green, vice president of the Manistee County Humane Society said, “Homeward Bound greatly appreciates the fact that Dr. Shrink thought of us when they decided to do this. It is because of this kind of community support that we are able to help so many homeless pets find new homes.”

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  1. That is an awesome story. It is stories like this that gives me hope in humanity. People who want to contribute selfishly toward animals or wildlife should always be acknowledged. Same thing applies to helping people. Wildlife or animals on the other hand have to have someone speak-up for them because they can’t. I volunteered as the chairperson on Manistee’s Deer Herd committee. Even though it is disappointing to say the least of the outcome. I learned a tremendous amount of information and met a lot of amazing people. The Humane Society of Michigan help guide me along. I can honestly say we need more people like Jill Fritz and Laura Simon of the Humane Society of Michigan as well as people like you all so there are more stories like this. Got a little off subject (my apologies) but all of you did a great job. Thank you

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