RAND launches picnic boats

CLAIR, Mich. RAND Boats unveiled their latest fleet, RAND Picnic Boats, an electric motorboat that enables boating to be enjoyed noise and fume free. Available in two versions, a sport and a tiller steering option, RAND Picnic boats are built with sustainable, light-weight materials including Kebony wood.

The boats, which seat up to 10 people, do not require a sailing license to operate making them accessible to even the most inexperienced of boaters. Hydro-dynamically optimized, the company says the boats are quick and mobile despite using no traditional fuel source and running on electricity alone. In addition to the reduction in noise and fumes, powering these boats by electricity makes them substantially cheaper to run than if using traditional fuels. The sport version of the boats exhibits a center steering console, which provides a more traditional boating experience. The sport boats also have a gas handle displaying the remaining sail time and the largest battery pack option can last up to 16 hours with a max speed of up to 8 knots.

Kebony wood – which was used for the boat helm, table and decking – is a sustainable alternative to tropical hardwood. The company transforms sustainably sourced softwood species such as pine by impregnating them with furfuryl alcohol under conditions of heat and pressure; this creates a product that exhibits the qualities of the best tropical timbers. Kebony is very hardwearing and durable, particularly important given its use here where it will be exposed constantly to water and the elements. Kebony will develop a beautiful silver prey patina and requires no maintenance beyond normal cleaning.

The company said the boats have already seen great demand and Scandinavian boat rental company, GoBoat, has had huge success from renting out their fleet of 50 boats on an hourly basis in Copenhagen, Malmö and Stockholm.

“We have greatly enjoyed working with the GoBoat team over the last couple of years,” said Carsten Løppenthin Møller, managing director for Kebony Denmark. “We are thrilled that Kebony was the material of choice for the new fleet.”

For more information on RAND Picnic boats, visit www.randboats.com.

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