MasterCraft named finalist for IndustryWeek Best Plants award

MasterCraft Boat Company has been named a finalist for the IndustryWeek Best Plants awards for the second year running.

The IndustryWeek Best Plants awards honor operational excellence in leading-edge manufacturing facilities across North America that have successfully implemented strategies to increase competitiveness, enhance customer satisfaction, and foster stimulating and rewarding work environments.

“Over the last few years, MasterCraft has implemented a company-wide charter to improve both its production facilities and the manufacturing process, together ensuring the highest level of quality in the construction of our boats,” said Terry McNew, president and CEO of MasterCraft Boat Company. “Being recognized again as a finalist for an IndustryWeek Best Plants award validates our operational excellence strategy that is embraced from the ground up by MasterCraft’s employees and management team.”

The company-wide culture shift embracing operational excellence did not simply come from the top down, the company said. Instead, factory line “Craftsmen” were empowered to suggest ideas for improving the production process - including more than 13,000 employee-generated improvements being implemented over the course of one fiscal year, a 38 percent improvement year over year.

That has resulted in an improved first pass quality yield over the last three years of close to 75 percent and significant reduction in warranty costs during the same time period, according to MasterCraft.

The winners of the 2015 IndustryWeek Best Plants will be profiled in the January 2016 issue of IndustryWeek Magazine, as well as honored during the 2016 IndustryWeek Best Plants Conference.

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